Business coaching + agile

«Coaching allows you to gradually introduce effective approaches into your business while including all levels of leadership in the organization. Imagine that tomorrow you will have your staff meeting as a coaching practice! This will let you immediately have a different lens on the process, improve certain areas of the business, involve every team member in decision making process and increase the accountability of every individual.»,

— Elena Putilina

What is it?

Business coaching is a system of professional relationship between a business coach and a client, where the coach is creating a support environment for the client to help them achieve specific goals based on their needs, surface hidden opportunities, expand their potential, increase motivation and introduce innovative approaches into business, such as Agile or Scrum.

Who needs it?

  • Start-up entrepreneurs and those who are launching a new direction in the business
  • Top managers who want to reinvent and strengthen their existing business
  • Executives who understand that their companies have specific challenges and want to remove them and improve work efficiency
  • Company owners who want to optimize their company processes, eliminate failure, expand new horizons for the business

As a result of the coaching session you will find out how to:

  • Start building out and supporting your startup
  • Position and promote a brand
  • Develop a vision, a business plan, creative strategy
  • Improve necessary skills of employees
  • Create a structure of the company
  • Integrate innovative approaches into your business

How is it organized?

  1. We hold an initial meeting to define main challenges and goals
  2. We determine the format of the work
  3. Coach session is held
  4. Feedback session: giving constructive feedback and developing a plan for further cooperation
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