The technology of direct sales for growing your business

What is it?

The Technology of Direct sales is a tailored program by Elena Putilina. It is a combination of western management business techniques, coaching, direct sales tools and creative leadership that helps you increase the efficiency of your business and grow sales.

Who needs it?

  • Start-up entrepreneurs and those who are launching a new direction in business
  • Top managers
  • Executives
  • Company owners

As a result of the diagnostics, you will find out:

  • The basics of direct sales and the benefits of the method
  • What is a 5-stage process of effective direct sales
  • How to start your own business in direct sales
  • How to involve and motivate people
  • How to achieve your sales targets
  • How to expand a client base
  • How to build an effective communication practice (4 voice tones)
  • How to better manage and alocate your growing income

How is it organized?

  1. We hold an initial meeting to define main challenges, deadlines and  structure and duration of the program
  2. We determine the format of the work depending on the structure of the company (conference, workshop, individual work, online, etc)
  3. We organize the event/start the program as defined
  4. Feedback session: giving constructive feedback and developing a plan for further cooperation
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