«To succeed in any process you need knowledge, a teacher and followers. That’s why in order to achieve high goals it is vital that one has correct knowledge»,

— Elena Putilina

What is it?

Knowledge is available for anyone today. I see the role of consulting in helping to find the right source of information, figure out where to start and what the process is in obtaining the knowledge gradually.

During consulting a client is obtaining detailed reliable information, including history of the development and success in a certain field, the latest news and findings, the best achievements, references, facts, etc. Tools include visualization, mind mapping and all sorts of interactive information that can help learn the information faster.

Consulting is based on an open dialogue, additional research, clarification and expansion of the information. That process can occur once or be long-term (up to a few years).

Most people used consulting quite regularly for a variety of topics. Just remember who you consulted with or who you gave expert advice to recently.

Who needs it?

  • Those who are interested in getting knowledge quickly
  • Those who want to get reliable information or advice from an expert
  • Those who are planning on building out a long-term project
  • Those who need help in making a decision

My consulting fields:

  • Strategic management
  • Building your own business
  • Launching and expanding a project
  • Business scaling
  • Building an effective team
  • Personal motivation, building your team
  • How to make the right choice
  • Female leadership
  • Creative leadership

As a result of consulting you will be able to:

  • Learn more about the area you are interested in
  • Get access to more sources for information
  • Prepare a development plan
  • Assess risks and understand the perspective
  • Work independently in your area

Process for consulting work

  1. We select the area that you want to get more information in
  2. We agree on an expert or a group of experts that are the most successful in a given area and are suitable for the job
  3. Scheduling of preliminary meeting (in-person, online or by phone)
  4. Discussion of goals and expectations, determining convenient format of working together
  5. The Consultant provides the consultations needed
  6. Feedback and recommendations cycle
  7. Discuss continuation of the project or completion of the consulting cycle
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