Creative leadership

What is it?

Creative Leadership is a tailored program by Elena Putilina, aimed at building successful businesses and teams in new realities of business ecosystem. You will learn how to develop creative leadership through reinforcing enthusiasm, driving for resourcefulness and empathy in employees, defining the criteria and tools of building highly performing teams; identifying growth factors of your business and effective strategy development tactics and many more.

Who needs it?

  • Anyone who wants to identify and expand their strengths, improve work efficiency and competence
  • Executives, business leaders, people managers.

As a result of the program you will learn about:

  • Basics of creative leadership
  • Identifying growth factors of businesses
  • Team building tools
  • How anyone can become a leader
  • Strategy development
  • Inspiration during routine processes

How is the program organized?

  1. We identify main challenges and deadlines you need to meet during an introductory meeting
  2. We define the format and frequency of our work together (group lectures, workshop, individual work, remote, etc)
  3. Execution stage
  4. Reframing stage: giving constructive feedback and identifying next steps if needed
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