CEA Program

What is it?

Coaching + Expertise + Agile is a tailored 360 degree transformation program by Elena Putilina. It’s main goal is to introduce coaching methodology and tools on all company levels to expand the organization’s potential and utilize untapped resources for the whole organization, teams and individuals.

The CEA Program  includes:

  • Diagnostics of current state of a team/company
  • Business consulting and formal reviews i
  • Coach sessions for employees
  • Improving internal communications
  • Creating an executable plan of action for departments/ whole corporation
  • Creating and introducing KPI systems
  • Agile Management
  • Immediate adoption of motivation systems
  • Managing personal growth program for employees
  • Reinvention of the organizational culture
  • Support during the transformation of a company
  • Building out product and cost curves
  • Implementing basics of coaching methodology on different levels: CEO and business owners, executives, staff members

We use special techniques for every level to ensure fast transformation.

Who needs it?

All levels of corporation (top management, people managers and individual contributors)

As a result of the program you will be able to:

  1. Increase efficiency of the company processes
  2. Foster motivation through strengthening corporate values
  3. Synchronize business processes
  4. Use your resources effectively to grow your business faster
  5. Implement changes through positive reinforcement
  6. Make practical business changes with your team
  7. Motivate key employees of your company

How is the program organized?

  1. We hold an initial meeting to define main challenges, deadlines, structure and duration of the program
  2. We determine the format of the work depending on the structure of the company (conference, workshop, individual work, online, etc)
  3. We organize the event/start the program as defined
  4. Feedback session: giving constructive feedback and developing a plan for further cooperation
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